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Beautiful Life

Barry Bacon's fifth CD contains original songs ranging from the corny "western" song "She Stole My Pickup" to the poignant prodigal song "Coming Home." You will appreciate humor, recognize deep love, and anticipate longing, and soon be singing with Barry and his family and friends to these fun, loving, and meaningful songs. 

Barry Bacon Original Songs: Beautiful Life
Quietly the Night

Upon learning that he was to become a grandpa for the first time, Barry Bacon, a family physician in Colville, Washington, set out to create a beautiful and meaningful collection of lullabies, stories, and songs for his grandson and all his grandchildren to come. It is his hope that children everywhere, along with those who love them, will enjoy listening to this collection.

Barry Bacon Original Songs: Quietly the Night
Barry Bacon Original Songs: Mary's Boy
Mary's Boy

"Mary's Boy" begins with two songs of the Christmas season, and continues with songs about the footwashing - told from the divergent perspectives of Peter and Judas, a song about Elijah and the widow, and other spiritual songs that will lift your heart to Jesus in a deep and meaningful way. A bonus 13th song speaks of the end of a beloved pet's life.


Barry Bacon Original Songs: Blue Sky Day
Blue Sky Day

Have you ever wished you could take some of your best days and give them to someone who is hurting? "Blue Sky Day" was written for a patient of Barry's - a young lady who would love to have a "normal" life. The whole CD is filled with songs that touch the range of human emotions and will resonate with listeners from many walks of life.



On Barry's first CD, you will hear songs of deep emotion - sadness over the loss of a mother and the untimely death of a child, exuberance as a father thinks about his children, enduring love of a man toward his wife, and other songs that will touch your heart and have you humming along, putting your own life's experience into perspective through these touching songs.


Barry Bacon Original Songs: Bacon
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