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Barry Bacon grew up in rural northern Minnesota, the son of middle-class parents of four boys and one girl. His family ties were bound strongly, and his home was filled with music played by his dad on his guitar. Barry learned to play guitar at an early age and sang in various school and church musical groups. As a young adult, he began writing songs to express his deep feelings, both personal and spiritual. In 1979, he married Shelley Dickinson, and went on to medical school one year later. As children joined their family, two by birth and two by adoption, and as the children grew into individuals, both their joys and sorrow multiplied. As is often the case with those of strong intellect but private personalities, Barry turned to his music to sort through personal and family struggles. The songs on all his CD’s speak of his devotion to his family and to his God.

Most of Barry’s original songs relate to his own family members, but some are written “just for fun." You will relate to the emotions, the struggles, and the sheer joy reflected in the lyrics of and stories behind Barry’s songs. You will find solace in knowing that other human beings have experienced many of the emotions that you have, and come back again and again to find new nuances to the words as they apply to your own life.

To learn more about Barry's work in Africa with the Pokot and Turkana tribes to bring peace to a conflict-ridden area, visit 

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